Not all auto detailers wish to get into plastic repair, and yet, for those who do a good bit of wholesale detailing for the auto dealerships it does make sense, as used trade ins often need extra TLC and there is therefore money to be made. Perhaps, this is why we’ve decided that in some markets, plastic repair is an excellent add-on service for our wholesale detailing clients and perhaps in some instances good for our retail detail clients, as well.

You see, there has been much talk in the Aftermarket Auto Appearance trade publications on the subject of plastic repair, while I concur with most of what I’ve read; I along with many operators are quite skeptical as to the time, quality and skill required to repair plastic correctly. Of course, once an operator or his technicians get a little experience in plastic-revitalization, it can sure be a money maker.

In mobile Tech News and on the Website; MobileWorks, there are several vendors who sell plastic repair kit’s of all types. Some for the interiors of cars, some for the plastic lenses of taillights and others for rubber repair, and it appears that there is quite an art and a science to doing the job right. I cannot recommend to a novice detailer to jump right in and start offering plastic repair to their customers.

On Auto Auction vehicles, used car lots, wholesale detailing customers, and on new car lots for used car trade-ins, this appears to be an excellent way to bundle services, and adds a little bit to the wholesale detailing price.

In states like Arizona, California, Florida, Texas, Nevada, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and you know I’m starting to feel like that Howard Dean character as I say this, where the wholesale detailing price floats between $55 and $70 there needs to be away to get the price up. If there are holes or problems with a plastic inside the vehicle adding another $35-$50 might just be the ticket, because now you got your price closer to $100.00, which is really were you want to anyway. Please consider all this.

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