If you have looked into obtaining a new or used wheelchair accessible van to provide you with the mobility that you require as a handicapped individual, you are likely aware that these vehicles can represent a significant financial investment. However, wheelchair vans are definitely worth the cost since they provide handicapped persons with increased mobility and independence.

How do you to purchase a wheelchair accessible van when the cost of doing so can be too much to pay out of pocket? Thankfully, there are a number of auto financing options to suit your wheelchair van loan needs. Van auto loan financing can be obtained a number of different ways depending on your your area. Here are 5 of the best financing options that can help you buy a new or used handicap accessible van and get on the road to freedom.

1. Try A VA Loan To Finance Your Wheelchair Van

If you are a qualifying veteran, then the VA should be your first stop in your search for an auto loan to finance your wheelchair accessible van. The VA offers several auto financing programs that can provide you with the money that you need to get your wheelchair van, often at lower than market interest rates.

2. Get Your Handicap Van Financed Through State Vocation Rehabilitation Programs

Every state within the US has lending programs designed to provide financial assistance for handicapped individuals. These are usually referred to as Vocational Rehabilitation Programs. Through these programs, you will find van auto financing options that will help you retain your mobility so you can reenter the workforce or remain within the workforce. Such state financing programs could be valuable handicap accessible van financing options for you, particularly if you do not qualify for VA financial assistance.

3. Mobility Rebate Financial Programs Can Offer Auto Loan Assistance

In addition to your state and the VA, you will find several mobility rebate programs. These are offered through the auto manufacturer – Honda, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, etc., – and can offer you rebates for handicap vehicle modifications. These rebates are usually offered in combination with auto dealer financing with the purchase of the vehicle itself, and are designed to help ensure that you are able to purchase the right wheelchair accessible van for your needs. These programs can also help you purchase all the mobility equipment that you may need to use your new handicap accessible van.

4. Local Lending Organizations Often Finance Handicap Accessible Vehicles

In addition to government lending sources, there are many local organizations that can help with your wheelchair van financing. A few of these sources include institutions such as local churches and charities. Almost every local area has a multitude of these types of local organizations, each of which has the potential to make your goal of better mobility a reality.

5. Specialized Lenders Offer Wheelchair Van Financing Packages

Due to an increase in handicap accessible van loans, you will find a large variety of specialty auto lenders on the market that are able to extend you the loan amount required to get you driving. Most of these auto loans are specifically designed for wheelchair van financing and offer flexible payment terms that can easily accommodate your budget.

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